Thursday Cottage jams

THURSDAY  COTTAGE produce their exceptional range of preserves at the Trewlands Farm in North Essex. 

Each small batch of preserve is gently simmered and stirred by hand in traditional open copper pans.  Jars are filled by hand, which helps to keep fruit whole and adds to maintain the highest possible quality.

The extensive selection includes a large number of marmalades, jams, fruit curds and coulis.  There is also a Reduced Sugar Range.

Much of the fruit for the Organic Range – Damson, Victoria Plum and Greengage – is grown on their 30 acres of orchards.

In readiness for the Christmas/Festive season THURSDAY COTTAGE make a range of jams enhanced with spirits, together with traditional English Christmas puddings, Brandy and Rum Butters and Mincemeat.

Gift Packs also feature in the THURSDAY COTTAGE range.    

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